How to Record a Podcast on Discord

Is Discord Good for Podcasts?

Yes, Discord can be a good platform for record a podcast on Discord. It provides a variety of features that are well suited for podcasting, including:

Voice chat: Discord allows users to engage in voice chat, which can be useful for podcasting as it allows hosts and guests to have live conversations.

Server organization: Discord servers can be organized into channels, making it easy to separate different topics or discussions within a podcast.

Community building: Discord provides an easy way for podcast listeners to connect with one another and build a community around a shared interest.

File sharing: Discord also allows for the sharing of files, making it easy for podcasters to share show notes, episode transcripts, or other resources with their listeners.

That being said, there are also other platforms specifically designed for podcasting, which may offer more robust features for hosting, distributing, and monetizing podcasts, which we will discuss at the end of the article.

How to Record a Podcast on Discord?

Create an Account on Discord

The first step in recording a podcast with Discord is creating an account if you don’t already have one. To do this, head over to and click Open Discord in your browser.

How to Record a Podcast on Discord? - Create an Account on Discord

Then enter the username you want to use and click the arrow or press Enter. You may need to complete an “I’m not a robot” prompt before moving forward.

Create a Server 

Now it’s time to create your server –  click “Create My Own”, and give it a fitting name such as the name of your podcast, then click Create. After this step, you can set a topic for the server or click Skip and Take me to my server!

You’ll be prompted after that point with instructions about claiming your new account by entering an email address and password – once done, click Claim Account and wait for confirmation via email before moving on to the next step! 

Servers are essentially groups where people can communicate via text or voice chat channels and share files with each other – making them ideal for hosting podcasts!

Setup Craig Bot To Record Audio File 

Now that you’ve set up your server we’ll need something else – Craig Bot (also known as Craig). This amazing bot allows you to easily record audio directly from Discord without any additional software or hardware needed – it’s perfect for podcasts!

To add Craig Bot, simply head over to its website –, Select invite Craig to your Discord server, and select the server you want to connect.

Setup Craig Bot To Record Audio File 

After doing so, move back over to Discord itself and join the voice channel you just created. If everything was successful you should hear confirmation tones when joining which means Craig has been added successfully!

Test out his capabilities by typing “/join” into the message box at the bottom; he’ll join up right away by saying “now recording”. When done just type “/stop” and he’ll stop recording automatically. You will receive a direct message from Craig with a link to the audio that was recorded and a link to delete the recording – easy peasy!

Microphone Settings For Your Podcast  

If Craig has been setup correctly, it’s time for some adjustments in order for us to ensure maximum sound quality during our recordings.

Start off by clicking the user Settings gear icon next to our username at the bottom left then Voice & Video along the left pane section. Here we can adjust input/output devices as well as volume settings (it’s best to have input mode set to Voice Activity instead of Push To Talk).

Further down there are also Advanced settings like Echo Cancellation/Automatic Gain Control/Noise Reduction which might help to depend on our setup but ultimately will require some testing beforehand (we don’t want any unwanted noise ruining our recordings!).

Voice Channel Settings for Discord Podcast

To access channel settings move the cursor over the voice channel (General) then press Edit Channel gear icon. Here change the channel name if needed plus move the bitrate slider all the way right for maximum audio quality – this can always be lowered later if required – when done hit Save Changes then exit back out into the main server section again by pressing X(Esc) in top right corner of a popup window that opened when editing channel settings.

Voice Channel Settings for Discord Podcast

Invite Guests to your Podcast

Now invite guests who will join the podcast over onto the server – can either do this through Invite Your Friends button located middle screen once inside main server section or alternatively by clicking Server Name right button of the mouse followed by Invite People.

In which case get a presented link copy/send it out to all participants – also check Set This Link To Never Expire box if wanting a permanent link otherwise adjust expiration & max uses under Link Settings gear icon if necessary.

If guests only join once then they don’t need a full account but otherwise, it’s best they create one or use an existing one to make rejoining easier.

Record Podcast

In order to start recording, it is enough to enter /join in the input field, and select a channel, usually, it is just General and the recording will start.

To stop recording, press “Stop recording” or /stop in the input field. After that, a link to the download file will appear.

Information about all the possibilities of the robot can be found on the information page of the site.

Alternative Tools for Podcasting – Video Podcast

If you want a tool that will help you create professional-looking video podcasts quickly and easily. has everything from advanced editing features to simple drag-and-drop functionality that makes creating videos a breeze.

It also offers helpful templates that make it easy to customize your videos and add special effects like transitions or text overlays with just a few clicks. Plus, its integration with many popular streaming services makes it easy to share your podcasts with friends or promote them on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube in no time at all!

Anchor FM

Anchor FM takes podcasting to the next level by providing users with a fully integrated service from hosting your show through submitting it directly into iTunes/Apple Podcasts & other popular platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcast after recording your show from their very own app!

It also has features like monetization options for established podcasts plus free analytics which lets you track audience engagement over time.


Podbean stands out among other alternatives on this list because of its robust library features – here podcasters can store both their draft episodes as well as completed ones meaning nothing falls through the cracks ever again thanks to Podbean’s comprehensive categorization tools which will keep everything nice and tidy within the app while still staying true to what they truly love about podcasting: creativity!

Podbean offers powerful marketing tools such as Promote My Podcast which helps boost reach by distributing content across various platforms like iTunes and Google Play Music whilst simultaneously allowing users access integration options like Facebook Ads Manager making sure everyone knows about each episode release too – now how cool is that?


Next up we’ve got Spotify which recently opened its “podcaster portal.” Now anyone can create their own unique podcast channel right within the Spotify platform itself – giving podcasters access to one of the world’s largest streaming services with millions upon millions of users waiting patiently for new content every day.

Through this portal, creators can upload audio files directly from their computers as well as edit information like titles and descriptions quickly & easily through a streamlined user-friendly interface designed specifically for podcasters’ needs – making production fast & simple compared other apps out there today.

Plus being owned by one giant media corporation means access to cross-promotion opportunities only previously reserved exclusively for major names in the industry…so yeah…I’d say worth checking out.

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