DMX Krew

DMX Krew

🥁 Drum Sets and Drum Machines

What drums does DMX Krew use?

DMX Krew uses the following drums and drum sets:

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

The TR-808 is a classic drum machine that uses analog synthesis to create its sounds. The sounds have a very pure quality and are closer …


🎹 MIDI Keyboards and Synthesizers

What keyboard or/and synth does DMX Krew use?

DMX Krew uses the following MIDI keyboard or/and synth:

Sequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer
Roland SH-101 Synthesizer

The SH-101 is very cool, especially for techno, drum&bass and ACID! It’s a monophonic bass synthesizer. Its sound lies somewhere between the TB-303 and a …

Roland Alpha Juno-1

The Alpha Juno is a great sounding Juno type synth! Not quite as warm in sound as the previous Juno’s but still a nice addition …

Korg MS-10

Korg released the MS-10 in 1978 as an entry-level, simple monophonic single-VCO analog synthesizer. With the authentic look of a mini-modular its single VCO is …

Doepfer A-183-2 Offset Attenuator

Module A-183-2 is a voltage offset generator combined with an attenuator/polarizer. This is how the A-183-2 works: At the two output sockets (simply two connected …


Sound Modules

What sound modules does DMX Krew use?

DMX Krew uses the following sound modules:

Yamaha TX81Z

The TX81Z is a FM synthesizer. The famous Lately Bass patch was used by producers like Teddy Riley, Dave Hall, Nevelle Hodges, and Eddie F …

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter

Released in 1984 the MKS-80 is basically a refined Jupiter 8 in a module. It is called the Super Jupiter and it is very fat …


Other studio recording gear

What recording gear does DMX Krew use?

DMX Krew uses the following gear:

Roland MC-500 Micro Composer

The MC-500 from 1986 is one of the best and reigning stand-alone sequencer and midi recorders around. There’s 4-track recording in real or step time …

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